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Where do I go for remapping?

You don’t have to venture from the comfort of your own home! A Bevo Tuning technician will quite happily come to you, or you can visit one of our approved centres if you prefer. You can drop it off and return later, or stick around while the remapping process is completed.

How long will the process take? 

Usually the whole thing’s done and dusted within about two hours. But if you’re on a tight timescale, let us know and we’ll see what we can do to reduce the time it takes.

Is remapping like chipping?

A bit: custom remapping is basically the modern equivalent of chipping. Traditional chipping involved laboriously prising open the ECU to replace a microchip, but our advanced methods sidestep this, so there’s no risk of damage to your vehicle.

Do you use generic ECU files?

No, never. In our experience, a generic file just can’t come close to achieving what a custom file can, so we always use individually developed updates. A Bevo Tuning upgrade is never, ever off the shelf.

Is there a risk to my engine’s lifespan?

Absolutely not. A Bevo Tuning remap will never put unsafe stress on your vehicle, and we’ll never push the engine farther than it’s happy with.

Could the remap be detected/overwritten during servicing?

Our ECU upgrades are developed to be undetectable, which means a servicing technician or dealership won't be able to tell that your ECU has been modified. In the highly unlikely event that the remapped ECU is overwritten, we keep copies of all files so we can reupload yours free of charge (though a small admin fee may be payable in some circumstances).