Chip tuning

All cars are built within manufacturers’ fairly cautious, one-size-fits-all programs. Affecting your vehicle’s injected fuel and control ignition, this standard program could be covering up a wealth of hidden responsiveness, flexibility and power. By shining up your vehicle’s standard chip within safe, careful parameters, Bevo Tuning can get you on the road to a far more satisfying driving experience. 

Your standard chip talks to a main lookup table set out by the manufacturer, meaning whatever you do while you’re driving, the chip will constantly be looking to a higher authority to govern the car’s performance. By replacing the standard chip with an expertly tuned performance chip, you can adjust your vehicle’s parameters to ensure optimum engine responsiveness, fuel economy, emissions and other performance-boosting elements. 

And it couldn’t be simpler - it’s just a case of taking out the old chip and swapping in a finely tuned replacement. 

The benefits of chip tuning 

When you invest in chip tuning for your vehicle, you can expect a far more eager response to your right foot, a much smoother delivery of power (great for driving around town with fewer gear changes) and a significant improvement in acceleration for easier overtaking. And when you start to adjust your driving style to your new improved chip’s capacity, this will automatically translate to a far more efficient fuel consumption.