DPF solution

A diesel particulate filter (DPF) has the critical job of controlling a modern diesel vehicle’s emissions. Also known as an FAP on some French vehicles, the DFP helps to trap particulate matter (soot) from your vehicle’s exhaust fittings. As of February 2014, all standard MOTs now take a close look at the DPF to make sure the vehicle complies with strict emission policies. It’s worth being aware that the absence of a DPF will usually result in an immediate MOT failure. 

In order to function properly, the DPF needs to be checked and cleaned on a regular basis. Most vehicles have an automatic form of DPF regeneration which involves a catalyst in the system burning off soot at an extremely high temperature, which will normally result in a blast of white smoke from your exhaust. 

But, if regeneration doesn’t happen for whatever reason, a buildup of soot will occur which will affect your vehicle’s performance, pose a fire risk and potentially cause a whole host of dangerous and expensive issues throughout your vehicle. Failed regeneration is most commonly associated with vehicles that don’t get driven at frequent high speeds for sustained periods of time.

What to do

If your DPF is struggling, you might notice a corresponding warning light flashing up on your dashboard. Please don’t ignore this - it needs attending to ASAP by a qualified expert. To sort out your DFP, you can consider:

  • DPF regeneration: we can help you organise a full DPF regeneration on your vehicle, with the help of our UK-wide network of technicians. 

  • DPF replacement: if your DPF is beyond repair, we can organise a replacement - usually at a fraction of the main dealer’s costs. 

  • DPF cleaning: it might just need a little TLC - many of our Bevo Tuning dealers offer a complete DPF cleaning service. 

  • DPF recalibration: if you have had the DPF core removed from your vehicle, we can recalibrate your vehicle’s ECU to switch off any warning lights and prevent the ‘limp home’ reaction, but it’s critical that you’re aware of the legal implications. You can read more about that here

  • DPF removal: in some circumstances (such as in other countries and for motorsport applications), DPF removal is legal. Talk to us about booking your vehicle in.