ECU remapping

Every single modern car is built with an engine control unit (ECU). It’s a bit like a brain, in that it controls every element of the vehicle: how it runs, how it handles and how much enjoyment you, its owner, gets out of every journey. 

Fine-tuning your vehicle’s ‘brain’

But why remap the ECU if it’s generated by the manufacturer? Sure, it’s reliable and it’s gone through all sorts of quality control, but it’s ‘one size fits all’. When a manufacturer releases a new vehicle to market, it’s got to cope with a whole host of different environments, uses and operating conditions. So the manufacturer will release the vehicle with a fairly generic ECU that’s built to cope with unpredictable variables such as sub-standard fuels, irregular servicing, various emission laws and plenty more.

By tuning up individual characteristics of your vehicle in accordance with how you drive it, we’re able to unleash its full potential in a completely safe manner, meaning you get the best out of your vehicle in a way that’s custom made for you. 

The benefits of ECU mapping

As well as improving fuel efficiency and performance, a professional remapping service will help to sharpen your vehicle’s throttle response and widen its power band. This all translates to a far livelier vehicle - one which responds with agility and flexibility. Who knows what kind of power is hidden beneath the duty-bound manufacturer’s ECU?

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