EGR solution

Exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) is a widely adopted way to reduce NOx emissions from your vehicle. By recirculating a certain proportion of the exhaust back into the intake air, we can create a lower heat release plus peak cylinder temperatures. The recirculated gas can also be put through an EGR cooler to bring down its temperature. However, the downside of the EGR is that its valves can become clogged up with deposits, which can have an effect on how the vehicle runs and even set off warning lights on your dashboard. If the EGR fails, replacement valves are costly and in some cases, an EGR failure could translate to complete engine failure. 

At Bevo Tuning, our software-based EGR solution involves disabling the EGR valve and reprogramming your vehicle’s ECU to bring down engine temperatures, improve throttle response and fuel economy, and even prolong the engine’s life.