OBD remapping

The OBD (on-board diagnostics) system helps you and your chosen technicians to get an insight into the health of your vehicle and its various, complicated subsystems. Modern OBDs are able to transmit real-time information and standardised diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs) that help to quickly and efficiently identify what’s going on. The main purpose of the OBD is to alert vehicle owners to what’s going on before huge, costly repair bills start to loom. 

At Bevo Tuning, we can use the OBD port in many vehicles to complete our engine retuning and remapping services. Your technician will connect an OBD scan tool, download your original map, upload it to a map-writing team who will tweak and fine tune the ECU to your specific requirements and return it to your technician, who will then upload it to your vehicle. It can take as little as one hour, and we always keep backups so, if at any point you need to return your vehicle’s ECU to manufacturer settings, we can help.