Tuning options

Bevo ECO

Perfect for delivering improved economy in turbo diesel engines, Bevo Eco recharacterises the torque limits on your engine so that you’ll enjoy better performance and economy at lower RPMs. When you move up into higher RPMs, the software will gently encourage going up through the gears, making sure the engine is always running within its optimal window. 

Bevo Eco is often selected by fleet operators, as these small tweaks to fuel economy can have a significant impact on the company’s bottom line. 


We’ve mixed up the best levels of power and economy in our mid-range package, and that’s probably why it’s the most popular choice. We will remove certain restrictions on the engine, really opening up your vehicle’s power and torque ranges. We take a close look at parameters related to burn time and in-cylinder pressures to deliver a much more enjoyable driving experience and improved fuel economy.

Bevo Blend remains our best-selling remapping option, offering the best balance of power and fuel economy for pretty much any turbo diesel engine. 


What’s hiding under that bonnet? With Bevo Performance you’ll discover your vehicle’s true potential, as we expertly tweak the ECU parameters according to specific information you give us. Extra power and torque will be unleashed so that you can move heavier loads, experience optimised acceleration, or simply enjoy a vastly improved driving experience, every single day. 

Bevo Performance is suitable for installation in both petrol and diesel vehicles.